Fushia and Orange Crossing the Shoulder Crochet Bag Handmade, Woman Boho clutch, Girl gypsy boho purse, Gift for her, small bag 

This Fushia and Orange Crossing the Shoulder handmade crochet Bag or clutch purse; is a women's accessory designed to hold a few necessities like a driver's license, a cellphone, and a credit card.

Usually, clutch purses are designed to be carried by hand and for the evening, but this Boho Gypsy purse can also be worn hanging from the shoulder and at every time of the day.

The vibrant colors of this little bag will be the perfect touch to your garment.

Did you know that some form of the small purse has been used since the Babylonian era?

It measures:

6" inches long

8" inches wide.

21" approx inches long strap

This bag doesn't include a lining.

This is a model created by Engelis.
Designed by: Tejiendo Peru
Created in an environment free of smoke.


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